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Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun goes down

We offer complete landscape lighting design and installation services.

With professional landscape lighting, you can showcase the true beauty of your home. Outdoor landscape lighting allows you to highlight specific landscape features, as well as extend your entertaining space and revitalize your property.

Installing outdoor landscape lighting is a job best left to the pros. Let our experienced team design your perfect outdoor landscape lighting, and, forgive the pun––you’ll never look at your home in the same light again!

Installing outdoor lighting? It's a great time to consider an irrigation system, or upgrade your existing one.

When your landscape project includes irrigation components, whether it’s a new system or a reconfiguration of an existing system, you can count on the Gardeners’ to get the job done right at most the competitive price.

We offer a full suite of irrigation installation, repair, and maintenance services:

Landscape Lighting

See your property in a whole new light.