Commercial & Residential Maintenance


The Gardeners provide custom solutions to keep your yard looking it's best all year long.

We offer several chemical and organic-based fertilization programs. Our certified and specially trained technicians understand the complex chemistry involved with fertilizer and the unique challenges our region presents at different times during the season. 

Our customizable five-step programs provide the following:

  • Aeration, slice seeding, hydroseeding, and lawn renovation.
  • Deep-root feeding of your lawn and plants.
  • Control of poison ivy and weeds.
  • Control of pesky insects including ticks.

Organic-based lawn care is good for you and good for your lawn.​

By using organic-based fertilizer, you’ll reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, nitrates, phosphates and pesticides on your lawn by up to 90% making your lawn safer for you and your family to enjoy.

Your lawn can be lush and green all season long without the sudden surges of growth that can come from using chemical fertilizers.  Organic-based fertilizer also naturally suppresses harmful insects and plant disease.

Compost Tea is a plant-base, 100% organic solution for your lawn care needs.

Compost Tea works with a probiotic approach, promoting more efficient use of the soils surrounding nutrients while utilizing organic food-grade edible ingredients. It contributes to a more robust ecosystem in and around your soil and plants, adding to your plant’s overall health.

With our services you will receive:

  • Fewer weeds naturally
  • Fewer insects and less disease naturally
  • Natural pH adjustments
  • Improved root development
  • Better drought resistance

We offer a four-visit program using only organic fertilizers for those preferring a 100% natural solution to enhancing soil and lawn health. This service can include optional weed treatment at no additional cost.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

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