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Plant Health Care - The Gardeners Landscape
The goal of any Plant Health Care program is the maintenance of trees and shrubs in a state of good health that allows them to naturally resist attacks.
Plant Health Care
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Plant Health Care

The goal of any Plant Health Care program is the maintenance of trees and shrubs in a state of good health that allows them to naturally resist attack by insects and disease organisms. The Gardeners employs a multi-faceted approach to maintain the health and appearance of the valuable trees and shrubs in your landscape.

  • Proper identification of the tree and plant species present.
  • Evaluation of site conditions (soil, light, moisture etc.) and the compatibility of plants on site.
  • Site modification if needed including soil additives, bio-stimulants, fertilizer and micro-injection.
  • Development and implementation of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to ensure continuing good plant health, vigor and pleasant appearance.

In a natural setting soil nutrients are continuously replenished through the decay of fallen leaves, twigs, branches, trees and other plant material. In the landscape these materials are continuously removed, often resulting in deficiencies of soil nutrients available to plants and shade trees. Additionally, both native and exotic ornamental trees and shrubs are placed in artificial environments in beds, lawns and borders around homes and yards that do not resemble their ideal growing conditions in the least. These factors along with other cultural and environmental conditions often result in stressed plants and trees that are likely to be attacked by insects and disease organisms. Our goal is to reduce plant stress and to take preventive measures to avoid serious damage to trees and shrubs.

Each IPM program is customized based on the plant material present and the particular concerns of the homeowner or property manager. Our experienced staff will recommend a series of site inspections and treatments designed to suppress damaging insects, disease and fungi throughout the growing season. This may include fertilizer and the application of control materials to reduce damage to plants or repel damaging animals such as deer and rabbits. We use state of the art techniques and equipment to implement our programs and when needed apply the least disruptive and most environmentally friendly materials available usually resulting in dramatic improvement to the condition of treated plants.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Tick Suppression (including deer ticks that carry Lime Disease)

Tree and shrub fertilization by soil injection, surface application or micro-injection

Site Evaluation and Modification

Mosquito Suppression

Deer Repellent Application