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Process - The Gardeners Landscape
Our Process: We believe that working with a comprehensive landscape plan is the best way to maximize a home's outdoor spaces.
comprehensive landscape
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Our Process

We believe that working with a comprehensive landscape plan is the best way to maximize a home’s outdoor spaces, and that a thoughtfully designed landscape adds value to a property. Our designers have years of experience working closely with clients to achieve their goals for their homes, and create beautiful plans that balance the home’s existing environment and the owner’s dream design. Working with a designer will help to define and prioritize elements of your project, and when budgeting is a concern your designer can phase out the work so that the overall end product remains the same. We offer complementary design consultations and would love an opportunity to work with you on your next project.

Understanding the design process will help you make the most of your time with a designer. Please find an outline of the steps we follow below:


When you call Duxbury Gardeners we will set up a convenient appointment for our certified landscape designer to meet you at your property. At this appointment you can expect our designer to walk through your yard and asses what is currently in place as well as discuss with you what you are envisioning for your outdoor space. The designer will want to know things like how you plan to use the space, how many members there are in your family, whether you entertain outdoors, flow around your house, and what your budget for the project is. The designer may also review some of our portfolio projects with you to help get some creative juices flowing.


After the initial meeting the designer will take time to work what you have discussed into a unique full-size landscape plan or a sketch that incorporates both existing and proposed elements. This plan will give you a tangible idea of what your finished project will look like.


Once your customized plan is finished a proposal will be written for the work discussed and your designer will meet with you again to go over the plan in detail helping you to make final decisions on materials and plant species. You will work together to fine tune the points of a contract and once it is signed your project will be scheduled. Materials for your job will be ordered and the appropriate construction permits will be filed.


During construction you can expect to know exactly what is happening in your yard. Jay Desmarais, the owner of Duxbury Gardeners, personally visits each construction site regularly to check in with clients and make sure that the construction is progressing appropriately. We work hard to seamlessly integrate creative design and solid construction practices to achieve spectacular results. Your satisfaction is our top concern and you are encouraged to ask questions through out the process.